Sunday, October 8, 2017

Some of his best work!!!

Oh my goodness!!!'s been a while.

My mom and sister just sent me some new photos of Monty's works, some of my favourites including the only oil painting the family has in our possession. Pretty awesome, I am thrilled and rushed to crop, sharpen and post the picts here!!! I am in love! ...Here they are!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


A sweet little drawing.

I love how the trees are surrounded by the ruins, the little weather vane...
This is I believe from Corsica.


From Madagascar. It did not matter whether native or colonial, rich or poor, Monty made endering and quirky all his subjects. He loved to show I feel what made us all so much the same one human race.


A favorite. Perhaps a study for a painting, or for some illustration work for a news paper ; as he always did work of that type to scrape a living.

people - quick sketches

My grandfather loved to sketch people, he always did so with delicate humour and quirkiness.  He was constantly observing and drawing all around him. My grandmother used to say he would use any kind of paper which made it difficult to preserve his work. Some time it was what ever paper had been wraping the meat or cake she brought in!

Monday, October 25, 2010

This is a simple little sketch of my mom as a child. Though a humble quick little drawing, yet a wonderful one, with humour and his unmatched sens of observation.

This is a beautiful pastel portrait of my grand mother Genevieve by Monty. His pastel technique was so soft and vibrant with organic forms that feel so alive. There is something truly loving in his gesture.

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